So I was searching Craigslist and found one of these (2X12) for 650 USD. I want a range of sounds, but mostly distorted stuff, and was wondering if it's worth it?
Sounds good.
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fender distortion isnt my cup of tea, and if you like metal or heavier stuff it probably wont be yours either
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Sounds good.

No it doesn't. Do you even play guitar?

First off, Fender Devilles aren't the nicest amps around, I used to own a 96 tweed blues deville 4x10.

Besides that they have terrible overdrive sounds, the cleans are pretty good, not amazing, but the overdrive is mushy, dull and generally awful.
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I don't really like the overdrive on my Front man. But i use it with my pod and it sounds very nice, ever loud.
deville's are blues amps man, you need something with a bit more pang
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devilles are o.k. but only for cleans or lightly overdriven blues, ie: "Lenny" or "Voodoo Chile"

not what ur looking for
All the DeVilles' I've played had really nice overdrive and cleans... I'm getting one for x-mas.

TS, go to GC and try one out.
I have a 4x10 and love it. If anything, its to much for me, its freaking loud. As someone said before, the fender overdrive sound is....lacking, for a better word. I just dont use it. Beautiful cleans, bright tone.
the deville is great at what it does for the price. it is not a rock or metal amp
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The DeVille is a pretty good amp for the price range (though an earlier poster is right, you could get it for less elsewhere.) The clean sound is good (fantastic, if you can get your hands on some 7581a's,) and the overdrive is good at lower gains. Basically, if you're not a huge tone snob who thinks he can tell kapton voice coil formers from paper ones by sound alone, and you're looking for a good blues/classic rock/country amp, you'll probably like it.
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For 650 you could pick up a used Peavey XXX or 5150/6505

Now that's what you want!
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For 650 you could pick up a used Peavey XXX or 5150/6505

Now that's what you want!

I've heard good things about peavey amps, I'll look into those.

Thanks for all your help, I guess I don't think I'll be getting one of those then. Well, maybe later, if I need a good blues amp (don't want to be a complete power metal horr now)