He mutes all the other strings while playing. Try playing Can't Stop by picking all the notes seperately. Sounds nothing like the record
It's kinda like he goes for a hard strum but mutes each note in it so it's like playing

^ Sorta thing, best watching him live in some videos really, you'll get a better grasp of his technique.
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In which song?

He uses a variety of picking styles.
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slap-strumming notes is such an awesome technique... It adds so much rhythmic punch to your playing. Learn it well...

Though it's also true that John uses a huge variety of picking styles and patters, and right so. Imagine if he played Under The Bridge and Suck My Kiss the same way... That just doesn't work...
It's basically the same technique which helped Stevie Ray achieve his infamous tone, so there's plenty to learn!

You can't just learn a technique like this, you have to really develop your sense of rhythm and groove first. I suggest jamming along to Chili Peppers records as much as you can! Also try to learn SRV's 'Cold Shot' and 'Couldn't Stand The Weather' which use the muted-strumming technique to great effect.