So basically, In the middle of a two week exam period right now.

So have been and am revising rather alot.

My maths teacher is rather strange, and a bit of a dick.

He seems to create reasons for me to stay behind and the like, i.e I was late but had a proper reason (Another teacher had stopped me on the way to my lesson to commend me on my excellent Drama skills), he attempts to make an example of me and says I'll make the time up at the end, I say no, I won't, and tell him why I was late, he keeps me behind anyway whilst he looks at the entire year of homework that i've handed in, looking for one that I haven't.

He makes me stay in at lunch to do homework that he lets other people do for the next day, just petty stuff like that really.

And now in the middle of my exam period he sends a letter home saying I haven't done 3 pieces of homework recently, (recently being the whole school fucking year), and that my parents should discuss it with me and send a letter back in.

I'm doing these exams. I thinks it's fucking ridiculous to send this letter now, in the middle of the exams, or to even send it at all, as I bet i'm the only one who's got it, and it's a rather trivial thing to send a letter home for.

So overall, i'm in the middle of a 2 week exam period (where i'm not in school), I need to, and am, revising rather alot and work pretty hard, he knows this, decides to send a letter home in the middle of said exams, which he knows will disrupt things. The letter he sends is trivial and not entirely true, as it says I've failed to hand in 3 homeworks, when in actual fact i've handed them in, just a day late.

I know I should have got the homework in on time and that, and it's silly not to, but this is just ridiculously petty.

So basically, I want to go in tomorrow and not just be like "dude wtf?!", I want to rip it out of him.

So some good arguments would be much appreciated, as i'm rather pissed off, but I know that if I just go in I will end up just swearing at him and getting in trouble, which wouldn't be good in the middle of exams.

Cheers babes
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what have your parents said? who do they believe?

cos if they know whats going on you can get them to have a go at your teacher, and he shouldnt bother you again!
Your teachers got it bad, got it bad, got it bad, for you. He wants to divide your pi.

bust 'is kneecaps
or just blow kisses at him during class
i did that to my spanish teacher one time and it confused the **** out of her
u gonna get raped
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ignore him and if he confronts you then tell him you have more important things to worry about.

I'm sure that other teachers will take your side, so if he threatens to take it further call his bluff and bring it to the attention of your year head or your headmaster/principal w/e.
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Blow kisses and just random stuff like that, just small things that all add up.
OR you could go in all guns blazin' go and rip the piss out of him for being a crap teacher. Also, make up a load of **** about him being a pedo. Always works
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If your just pissed off that he's claiming that those homeworks that you missed are recent, just ask him to include the dates that you missed them in the letter. If they're really that far apart, then your parents really shouldn't be that pissed.
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omg and you're in the middle of your 2 week exam period????!!!

Seriously mate, fuck off.

I don't recall saying it was incredibly important to me, just that its (and I quote) "jolly annoying".

so take your weak as fuck attempt at a "buuuurnnnnnn" and get the fuck out.
You shouldn't need anyone here to give you an argument. Going on what you've said he's given you plenty of material to go on.

Just be calm when you talk to him.
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You shouldn't need anyone here to give you an argument. Going on what you've said he's given you plenty of material to go on.

Just be calm when you talk to him.

Thats what I needed help on, because he gets me pretty riled up and I know i'll end up just shouting and forgetting to make any really valid points.
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Oh, for God's sake...
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