I'm planning to get a new guitar in a few months, after I save enough money (don't have much). I play mostly blues and classic rock (like Hendrix, Clapton). I'm sticking with MIM Strats because they're within my budget.

At first I was thinking of getting a Deluxe Powerhouse Stratocaster:

or a Deluxe Player's Stratocaster:

But due to all the expenses I'll have in the next few months (planning to rent a new apartment, furniture, etc...) I think I'll have to lower my price range. So my question is: Is there much of a difference between a MIM Standard Strat (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-Standard-Stratocaster-Electric-Guitar?sku=516037) and a Strat from the Deluxe series? I've wanted a higher end MIM Strat for a while, but I don't know if the MIM Deluxe Series are worth the price, compared to the Standard Strats.

I believe the deluxe has SCN pickups, some nicer pearl dot inlays, and is way more abusive to your wallet.
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If you are going to fork out for a MIM deluxe, you may as well just save up abit more for a USA strat in all honesty.
Thanks for the replies guys.

Anyone else? I want to know the basic differences between the Standard and Deluxe in terms of tone/sound quality, feel of the neck, how easy they are to play, and overall feel of the guitar. If the Deluxe series are more expensive just because of their extra features, and for the Player's Deluxe because of its fancy design, I think it's a better idea to just get the Standard and do some upgrades on it later on.

Any more help would be appreciated.
i didn't really like the deluxe players strat i tried... i thought 50 cent should be using it or something. seriously, though, it's more modern in feel- 12" radius, etc.

another option would be the classic 50's or 60's strats- i'd prefer them to either the deluxe players or MIM standard.
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Standard MIM strats are absolutely awesome. Just makes sure you get an HSS. I absolutely love the necks, and they are so smooth to play and sound great. If you want a lil more bite just cough up for some duncans. You will be set for life.
Your best bet IMO is to get a standard and upgrade it to your liking. Get better saddles, like ferraglides, and definitely pickups.

I hated the two Player's Deluxe strats I tried. The necks felt awful to me. The powerhouse doesn't seem bad, but I haven't played it. For the money though you could buy a standard strat and put some great pickups in it.

50's and 60's series are also an option, my friend has a 50's classic and it's very nice. I've played some 60's and they were great too. My favorite, however, is my own MIM standard strat.

The biggest thing is to TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!b
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Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm thinking now that maybe a 60's Strat would be better for me than a Deluxe. So I'm going to consider either a MIM Standard with eventual upgrades, or a 60's Classic. The 60's Classic should be good for the classic rock (especially Hendrix) and blues that I love to play.

I'll have to do some comparing, and hopefully be able to try them out, before I make my decision. I'll just have to see how big the difference is....(any suggestions will be welcome)...
Yeah I think that alot of stores has the 60's MIM strat, they have in Sweden atleast.
Very good reputation, never tried anything not made in the US though.
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