Okay, this may sound a little zany, but see it for yourself...

...go over the News Archives over the last few monthes...

Is anybody else noticing the obscene amounts of bad news lately?

Specifically the way that so many musicians lately have died.
(yesterdays news, todays news, etc)
you mean like Kevin Dubrow dying and Robert Plant not being able to hit the high notes?
I plays guitars.
barack obama is the antichrist
don't vote for him, leads to the end of the world (2012)

I like sports and music.
yeah, it makes me a bit sad
especially the deaths (decapitaded's drummer, quiet riot singer, hh guitarist)
its just not been very good lately
oh well what can we do about it
iv also noticed how sum guy made a thread just like this about 6 minutes ago

*points at search bar*
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ya thats all there will ever be on the news its robbery murder child abduction...commercial break...bankrupt if they put only the good things in the News people would probably become bored with it