so im goin amp shopping
but im not really sure to get
i play a lot of stuff like sigur ros and explosions in the sky
but i also play death metal
im not sure weather
i should get the fender hot rod deluxe
or get a head
right now
i have a marshall cab with some crappy 65watt crate on top i use for the head
i dont know weather to buy a head
or buy a fender hot rod
any suggestions?
oh yeah
my price range is about 400-450
(fender hot rod on ebay ftw?)
and if a head
which head should i go for?
i play gigs too
so needs to be loud enough for that
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lol.. fender hot rod for death metal? fender for metal? dont think so... best bet for DM on that budget is a used peavey 5150 combo.
Peavey Windsors arent too bad, u might wanna get a good OD pedal if u want Death Metal. I think a Hot Rod Dlx would do almost anything but Death Metal well.
well like i said i play a lot of sigur ros and explosions in the sky stuff
but im in a metal band so i need something to play both well