I want a baritone and not sure how they all compare. I was thinking of maybe just gettin' a neck and converting my other guitar.
you cant just buy an extended scale neck and fix it on your standard scale guitar, doesnt work that way.

The extended baritone scale is from the nut all the way to the bridge, and not just the neck.
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So that's the only way to go...because it's not a strat. I've never understood why the nut makes a difference.
thats not the only way to go, i was just correcting him. brands like Ibanez, Schecter, ESP, ect all make baritones. and what do you mean by the nut is different?
Not different, makes a difference. However, since I posted I found out.

So Ibanez does sell necks I can use because I haven't found any.
The bridge, nut, frets, and for tonal reasons the pickups, all need to be the proper distance apart from each other to be properly intonated. The twelfth fret has to be exactly 1/2 the distance between the bridge and the nut, and the second octave (24th) above that halfway between the 12th and the bridge. Its just the way a vibrating string works. If you had a random neck length set for a different scale length than what was actually present, you could tune the guitar fine for open strings, but fretting wouldn't produce the right pitch.

So you have to find something that is supposed to be fully compatible to convert the scale length of the guitar you are using in respect to bridge placement.