Hi, I have a Tele, and a Blues Deluxe amp. I really need a good true distortion pedal. I play moderatly rock. Like Arctic Monkeys, and Muse. Any suggestions for a good tube distortion pedal, with True Bypass?
true bypass Isn't a massive concern in most cases, I don't think you should worry too much about it. I mean, as an example Pete Cornish makes some of the most expensive pedals available, and he flat out refuses to use true bypass in them. And it kinda limits the pedals available to you.
Be wary of companies using the terms 'hardwire bypass' or anything like that to sell pedals, they often arent true bypass.

do you want an overdrive? The tubescreamer and its variants are always popular there, can be had at a reasonable price (look for digitech bad monkey), and will make the most of your amp's natural valve distortion. should sound really smooth, slightly compressed and give a high-midrange boost that helps your guitar be heared in a mix better. But it is a very common distortion and probably wouldnt suit muse.

if you want a bit more grit, perhaps a proco rat?

Muse will need a bit more gain in places, but try not to be tempted by anything with 'metal' or grunge' in the name :p unless it sounds right to you, of course . . .

I dont know, Its late and i'm tired.

remember to try before you buy! With your own gear if possible. Important.
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What Arctic Monkeys do you play? If you can give me a general sound your after I can help. I'm not one for tube pedals though, but I can certainly give you some others, if your not set on tubes.
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View From The Afternoon, When The Sun Goes DOwn, Florecent Adolesent, Teddy Picker,ect.....
You might wnt to check out a Sovtek Big Muff. It can nail tones like When The Sun Goes Down, Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor...etc.

It's not tube, but it's my favorite pedal.
Do you like anime/manga?
PM me about buying the graphic novels I'm trying to sell