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56 59%
No way hose!
39 41%
Voters: 95.
i try not to be, your not making it easy on me though
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I'm kind of subtle about it.
I joke about them to them and usually its over their heads.

I can be kind of mean. Something I have to work on.
"hose" is spelled with a "j"

And usually no.
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I generally try to avoid conflict...

But sometimes people just deserve it, you know?
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not a jackass..... but i am an asshole to SOME people i don't like. It all depends on what they've done to make me dislike them.
I usualy leave people alone if they aren't getting on my nerves, but if someone is doing something I don't like I'll let them know it...
No I try to be nice to everyone, especially the people I don't like. It just makes me feel better
I'm usually nice to everyone, unless you do something to really piss me off.
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im pretty subtle in my humor of the perople i dont like. that or i dont actually say anything but i am very implicative to being mean.
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its so good to be back!
I occasionally do it when the need is there. But most of the time, it doesn't help much.
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I'm pretty nice to everyone. Those I don't like, I ignore usually. And it pays off, because sometimes if they don't know you hate them they'll do something cool or help you out.
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I am a blatant jackass to people I do like. People I don't like get "Yes sir, no sir. Please and thank you" But they never get to drink beer with me. My friends know I'm a dick and they appreciate it. I buy.
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i'm pretty nice. like rlly nice to the point tht i get rlly shy nowadays. but i'm starting to get loose. i sometimes get a little too cheery and overuse puns and one liners to the point wherei can get annoying and i guess ppl think i'm cocky. i'm such a pussy man i wish i can be hard like all my fvourite metal guitar players and all the cool ppl on UG.
i only act like a jackass to a few people and they usually dont get most of the jokes anyway so it doesnt really matter much
I just don't listen to what they are saying, and as soon as they start talking, ill start to talk about something else.
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Yeah I can be a right dickhead, but only to people I really despise.

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Not all the time but today I did something really mean to a chick on the comp. First off, she goest o my school, grade 9 like me, looks like she should be in grade six and shes really skinny. WEll my band played the pep rally today, then on some facebook type website she complimented me for our perfomance and asked if i was single and looking and if she could have my msn. I really dont like her btw. But back to thestory, I told her I don't mind and just ignored the first question. So she adds me and we talk and all and ask some questions. Then she asks me who I like and I told her I liked her. Her reply was something along the lines of, "really? you like me?" then I said, "no."

It gave me a good laugh, plus I hardly ever do things like that.
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Yes, and by the way it's "No way Jose"

Actually, it's, "No way José"

And it really depends. I'm mean/dick/a jackass to people I don't like, but I don't have anything personal with them. I tempt to ignore people I despise though.
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Kinda like Jakael, I'm more likely to be a blatant jackass to people I do like. I try to be polite to people I don't like and still talk about them behind their back but I"m too nice to say it to their faces.
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There are few people that I don't like at all, and if I don't like someone, they usually know it. I mean, I tend to get along with most people fine, but some people can honestly annoy the hell out of me...
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im not too mean, but there is a huge difference between how i treat those who i like and those who i dont like.
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I have a reputation to keep.
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So if I am an ass, people dislike me. And are less willing to hire me fore whatever.
well i voted no, but there is this one guy at school, his a friend, but his so goddamn stupid i make fun of him everytime its almost accidental, lol
what do hoses have to do with anything? JOSE! Syntax Rehab has a room waiting for you.
anyway, to answer the question, yes.
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Kinda like Jakael, I'm more likely to be a blatant jackass to people I do like. I try to be polite to people I don't like and still talk about them behind their back but I"m too nice to say it to their faces.

I'm like this too. I'm usually polite and civil to people I don't like but a jackass to them behind their backs. Sometimes I say extremely mean stuff behind their backs without actually realising how mean it is. (But since I don't like them, its ok. )
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I'm civil, even behind their backs. There's few people that I ever badmouth (for example, my friend who stole my last girlfriend, I abuse him behind his back)

and a friend of mine's ex girlfriend who was verbally assaulting another friend of mine today, I stood up and told her what a gigantic bitch she was being, to her face.
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Yes, and by the way it's "No way Jose"

Sorry sir it wont happen again please forgive my grammer