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So i have a patchbay, sonic maximizer, compressor, eq and preamp, on the 'wishlist' and am looking for more.

1) What FX do you guys say would be standard in a studio rack?
2) I'm looking for a nice, but low cost reverb, (between 100 and $200) but only have found "vocal processors" which are over 200.
Now I will be doing lot's of vocal work and adding a nice reverb to them but i also want to use this reverb and the other gear with the instruments.
Any ideas on what to get?

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noise gates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! real gates sound so much better than plugins. & make sure youre patchbay is set up correctly as far as normalling goes and stuff for what youre using
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My comp. has a few on board gates so I think I'm good there...

Here's a list of what I'm looking to get. Nothing high end at all but I'm not doing pro recordings here...yet.
I just like how I can wire a piece of hardware compared to plugins...

Behringer Eurodesk MX9000
M-Audio Delta 1010 PCI interface
dbx 266XL Compressor/Gate
ART 355 Dual Channel 31-Band EQ
Focusrite TrakMaster Pro Channel Strip
Lexicon MX200 Dual Reverb/Effects Processor
Behringer PX3000 ULTRAPATCH Pro Patchbay
Jade Audio TRS-TRS Patch Cables 10-Pack 1.5 Foot (2 packs)
Music Accessories Studio Rack 16 Space
Music Accessories Plexi Front Door for Studio Rack 16 Space
a few black panel covers in black
Raxxess Economy Sliding Rack Drawer 3 Space

I'm also going to pick up some condenser mics.

I have no idea how to wire rack gear and patchbays so if anyone has any good sites on how to wire the audio section of those two things that would be great...
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