Hey, I've been thinking about getting a guitar for quite some time and I dont got much to do these days so I've decided im gonna get one within the next month or so... First off I know absolutely nothing about playing or reading music for that fact(i used to be able to read it but not anymore) so I dont know if i should get pay for lessons, learn on my own, have a friend help me out, ect... So what do you guys think would be the best for a beginner? Also what kind of guitar should i get? I was thinking about acoustic but I've been leaning more towards electric cause im mostly into rock and metal and I dont want to have to buy another guitar later if I don't have to... So what would be a good guitar and amp set-up? I was looking at the Ibanez RG2EX1 what do you guys think about that? and for amps I have no idea.... so ya any advise would be much appreciated
get a squier strat starter pack....not a bad first guitar and you get everything you need......as far as learning, everyone does it differently so i have no advice...i taught myself but i played bass for 4 years prior to picking up guitar......the ibanez sucks...get something with active pickups....strats have 3 single coil humbuckers..go for that...
Ibanex grx20, great beginner guitar, and roland cube amp, great beginners amps as well, and good for your rock metal style, as for lessons, id say see if you really get into it, then take it from there

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^+1, i bought a starter pack, god if i only knew what i know now
Quote by rbusta
^+1, i bought a starter pack, god if i only knew what i know now

Aha +1
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Pacifica 112, or 012. Look for used amps. Or, start package.
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squier starterpack... or something more expensive (epiphone les paul.... pretty allround guitar: i use it in my metalcore band, and in my bluesband)

The point with ibanez's is, the neck is pretty thin, when you start playing, get a BIG guitar, the strenght in your fingers will grow much faster...

I've started out on an acoustic guitar, and after a year, i've bought a London City strat-copy and a Roland Cube15. 'bout 1,5 years after that, i sold the london city, bought another guitar. I still use the amp (it's great 15 watt's, okay, not that much power, but a pretty cool practising amp (even for metal!))
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id definately go with the squier starter pack, cheap guitar and it at least works..and i know nothing about amps so dont ask me
id definately go with the squier strat, cheap guitar and it at least works..and i know nothing about amps so dont ask me
Buy a guitar in the style of music you want to play. So go ahead and get an electric. For metal, a Yamaha Pacifica and a Roland 30 Cube would make a nice starter pack.

As for where to start I would pick up both of the following:



The Hal Leonard books do a good job of teaching you to read music as well as play guitar, The Dummies book is good for teaching you to read tab.

I would stick with the lessons in these books for two months at least. Then if you feel like you aren't "getting it" go seek out some lessons.