Here is my first "real" attempt at a complete song. I just thought of the idea of a city burning and then I linked it to history.

You say we've lost everything,
you say we're in a bind.
You have no aspirations,
so you drown yourself in wine.
You say it doesn't matter
if you fail or if you fly.
Please don't give up,
don't rollover and die.
Columns may have fallen,
but we're still here.
Take a deep breath,
release all your fears.

(Chorus) And as Rome burns, so do our dreams
we've lost everything, and it only seems
that at a quick glance, Nero's dance
was full of joy and glee.
But with another look, he only shook
his head in disbelief.
His town, our dreams, and everything between
is gone...(everything is gone)

The river of your tears,
keeps getting higher
Flowing more fierce
than the mighty Tiber.
So, grab you bags,
put on your coat.
I've put up the sail
on our rickety boat,
with one sail, two oars, and a name
of “S.S. One Last Try”
We'll make it out of here,
We'll make it out alive.