My friends looking for a bass guitar with a whammy bridge. The only one he found so far is a washburn something rather off of musicians friend i think. Anyone know where to find one (that's under $7000)
You can buy Kahler Tremelos... http://www.kahlerusa.com/home.html

I don't know much about tremelo/whammy bars on basses. Most of the time though, I think you'd have to get a custom job w/ the aforementioned Kahler products to get a tremelo bar on a bass.

There's also that Washburn Bantam bass you mentioned, but I don't know if it's any good.

I also don't get why someone would want a tremelo bar on a bass, but that's just me.
Charlatan's right there. The only one I've played was a retro-fit, but most of them are custom builds. BC Rich have done a few, here's one for sale...


...if you're serious about the $7000 budget, it could be yours! I don't see it going for more than £15-1600. Even at £2000, you'd be spending about $4500 or so.

The BC Rich megathread in TB has a few with trems. Maybe enquire about a custom fitment on a stock BC? It would be interesting to know how much they'd quote!
Basses are rarely given a whammy bar as standard.

Hipshot and Kahler both do these that can be added to a bass however. I may cost a bit of money and a cunck of body wood to do it, but a professional should be able to add one to damn near any bass.
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Look into old 80's Charvels and Jacksons that came standard with Kahler Tremolos.
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Hmm I am just trying to find the purpose of a Whammy bar on the Bass. Could someone explain to me this is my first time seeing a Bass with a Whammy Bar.
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I've gotta say that I've been considering it as well. Everyone must think I'm retarded since it's a Silvertone bass and the whammy bar costs more than the bass itself, but I really want to go for it. Too bad I'm poor.
Aria just came out with a production bass with the Kahler tremolo on it. I would think that it here in the USA early 2008. They unveiled it at the Japan Music Fair earlier this month.

They haven't posted it on their website but it's coming...
What you do is you go get glasses, and then you can find the freakin search bar. I've seen at least 1 of these every time i've come to the bass forum.
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What you do is you go get glasses, and then you can find the freakin search bar. I've seen at least 1 of these every time i've come to the bass forum.

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I think you may be retarded. Much more often than not, people are referring to the Bass Whammy Pedal as opposed to a bass whammy bar. Besides, even when whammy bar posts are made, they tend to be neglected. It's good to get a large mass of opinions about such an obscure matter.