Me and my bandmate Frank are looking for a bassist. The area we're located in is Danbury, Connecticut. We're currently in the process of writing material, and finding our sound...something that just clicks. The name of our band is Lo-Fi; We aren't just another band though...we have a studio setup coming to us 1st quarter 2008, and we plan on becoming extremely active in recording and gigging. We take music seriously, but in the sense that it's passion, not seriousness in the sense that we make it a chore, but more like a second nature; we want to have fun, and most of all, make it an expressive and awesome experience. We have a few connections to some indie labels, so hopefully we may get somewhere with that. We're looking for a bassist between the ages of 15 and 18, with a serious dedication to music and it as a primary or at least secondary career. We need somebody that is very dedicated to this pursuit, not just a studio stand-in or a gigging member. Our main influences consist of Incubus, Chevelle, Tool, The Almost, Underoath, and various general jazz, rock, and funk influences tossed in. We're looking for a melodic sound with hard rock thrown in the mix. We're honestly going for an alternative rock sound with identifiability, yet with versatility and generally all-around good music.

We'd like it if you are personable, social, clean cut (no drugs, addictions, violence, etc etc etc), and generally just a fun person to be around, and someone who is heavily creatively, passionately, and thoughtfully connected to music, and one who is willing to pursue it as a serious goal.