I currently have a VOX AD30VT but i have found after about a yr of playing through it i need more/better distortion.

I want to get sounds like 80's Metallica/Trivium/Dream Theater

Is there any pedals/new amps/Presets for my current amp that people could recommend to get my desired sound.

I live in Australia and my budget would be around $1200 which is about $1049 US

Cheers in advance.
would love to get one but in australia the cheapest costs about $4000 and thats a tad over my limit
yeah, in australia we have way too little variety. i would try maybe an Ibanez tubescreamer? i dont have one but i hear they are really good and i plan on getting one. *sheilds self from idiots claiming that ibanez is jap crap*
i could be wrong but i thought tubescreamers work well on valve amps and not very well on ss/hybrid amps
nah i think they are good on both, im not really sure. i know they are known for emulating tube/valve distortion, hence the name. ive heard the new re-issue ones suck though, so you might need to buy a modded one or do it yourself.
They do give your amp a really good push, but it won't allow it to reach the levels you want. And you don't want to have to have the pedal on constantly - I find it's better for more of a solo boost.

I'd look into a new amp, I'm sure people will come along with the usual suggestions -

Cubes, Laneys, Randall etc...
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maybe a randall rg50tc and a metal muff ?? that should be around 1200

also try a peavey valveking and a marshall dsl40
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tube screamers will sound good on solid state amps no question but they work best pushing a tube amp on the brink of breakup into overdrive.
amp wise, iv heard the peavy v/v king range is good for metal, dream theatre probably be mesa boogie amps but they cost. could try the line six range if you wanted another modelling amp.
id rather stick clear of modeling amps ive played through the dsl before and it was very nice but again unfortunately they too in Australia are about 2 grand
the valve king is as option so too are the randalls

Is the Randall RG75 any good? How are its cleans?
Same with the Valveking how heavy/clean will it go compared to the randall.
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