For those not in the know Last.fm is a website that keeps track of your listening habits on your computer through various plug-ins depending on the player you use.

Every week it creates a new chart to state what you've been listening to either based on artists or tracks. The chart is updated every Sunday/Monday (depending on when they sort the data out) and you get a new chart. Every week it also updates your overall chart with your overall artists.

We thought it would be a fun idea to post your charts every week if you've listened to a decent amount of music. It'll help people to find new bands to listen to and people to recommend artists (at least that's how it works on another forum I post on).

In order to post your chart, go to your userpage, look under your 'Top Artists This Week Chart' and there should be a little clickable button that says 'Embed/Add This'. Scroll down to 'Embed anywhere else' then click on 'Looking for our old image based charts?'. Select the 'Weekly Top Artists' option and then Copy/Paste the Forum BBCode.

So yeah, knock yrself out.


last week was sort of boring. i only had music that was on my actual hard drive rather than everything on my external.

Not too many indie artists this week. Only Frosted Ambassador, Robyn Hitchcock...maybe the Sun City Girls, might be a stretch though.

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I lost all my music after I bought and dropped my new hard drive only after transferring my library on there, so this might be my only chart for a while.

Sucks, my hard drive died and I had to start from scratch a few months ago. I have most of what I lost now though.
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Jakobínarína were first 2 weeks ago, then 2nd, now 3rd. For next week, expect a maccabees resurgence, just got round to re-downloading all their demos after my hard-drive formatted itself
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ha, all of them changed because the images are based upon the most recent week.