Has anyone tried these things. I guess theyre mini headphone amps that plugs directly into the guitar. Im just looking for a little miniamp to fool around with. Also how are the Marshall miniamps soundwise, or at least how is the sound for a 1 watt amp.
The Marshall microstacks are awful!
I'm pretty sure the speakers are made out of cheap plastic.

Can't comment on the Vox's though, although I would like to know if they're any good
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i have a Marshall mini amp... the quality sucks. The battery compartment broke or something so now i have to adjust the battery all the time to get it in a position where the unit will get power... plus the tone sucks but thats to be expected from a 1 watt MG haha.
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I wonder if they sound anything like the demo's on the Vox site? I'd pick one up if they really sound like that.
^+1, sure would like to know more about them


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