dun get it...starter packs usually suck... although i have not tried that out...

but get a strater guitar and a mircocube amp...
starter pack amp will always be the worst you can possibly get...

btu since your and absolute noob... seems ok... yamaha equipment has good quality generally.

edit: i agree with him^^... you're better of with a microcube and a cheap ibanez, squire or epi..
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What's a begainer?

Also, look at some cheaper Ibanez RGs.

Maybe an RG2 EX2.
Jackson Pro Series DK2 Dinky (Eerie Dess Swirl)
Ibanez XPT700 Xiphos (Chameleon Red) =D

Crate FXT65 amp with 3-way foot switch
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ya i agree with petrina, starter packs can leave you wanting, especially in the amp area.... get the microcube, my roommate has one and it will not disappoint
What's your budget and what do you think you're going to play with this guitar?
Metal, Rock, Blues, Jazz etc.
The budget is about $250 and it has to be from guitar-center. I don't even know what an amp does..I'm guessing amplify the sound? If so, I just want something that will "sound properly" (I live in quiet neighborhood...don't want to wake the neighbors lol).

My friend recomended the yamaha starter pack because they make quality starter guitars etc.
I would recommend you a Roland Cube 15 with a Squier Stratocaster...
Quote by uldhppi
It costs $249. Can you up your budget some?

Yes, I can go up to $300 (prefer less than $280). I guess you can recommend me individual "parts" instead of a kit (all must come from guitar-center).

Remember, I'm a complete noob and I want a guitar that's easy to handle and play. I heard lot's of good reviews about the Pacifica series by Yamaha and that it's easy to handle, light, and play.
Quote by JvL
I would recommend you a Roland Cube 15 with a Squier Stratocaster...

That's way too expensive (the guitar itself is like $400).
But I think those stories were about the Pacifica 112?
It's a bit above budget (not very expensive though...)

The best advice I can actually give you is just go to some local store and try as much guitars as you can and well... just look if you like their looks, if they play smooth, sound allright AND if you don't get any buzzing-sound!

Do the same with the amp but then more tone-wise

p.s. there are Squier Stratocaster and Squier Stratocasters ...
and where on earth have you seen the 400 dollar price-tag?
This is one:

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^Not true. I'd say a Roland Microcube ($130) and a cheap Epi LP or Squire Bullet. ($100-150) Also, a cable and cheap tuner, and you're there.
you're better of with something like these:




the guitar can change if you want to... but that amp is the best you can get for your money

EDIT: if you prefer an LP shape you could get this: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-Limited-Edition-Les-Paul-Special-II-Electric-Guitar-with-Zebra-Pickups-512582-i1176223.gc

or if you want something more "metal" looking... a dean vendetta
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Quote by pencil86
Some people said you can't play alternative on it??

You can't play much on it
Ok, I decided on getting the Microcube amp.
For the guitar, I decided to get the dean vendetta (hopefully it plays alternative rock). Is this a good guitar compared to Squier and Epiphone (it looks cheap at $99)? Also, does it have a whammy bar?

What else do I need beside the tuner?
Good choice on the amp. Don't know about the guitar. You will need a tuner, strap, guitar cord. Search the internet for free guitar chord charts and lessons. They are out there. Oh, and some picks. You're on your way.
See if a friend can help you do a minor setup on the guitar. Good luck and enjoy.
^ +1

microcube is good... aside from that, get as good a guitar as you can afford- you could almost afford a yamaha pacifica 112, but it's probably stretching things slightly. However, with any luck, you could maybe get GC to throw in a strap, lead, plectrums (picks), tuner etc. free.

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the vendetta its an "ok" starter guitar... youll eventuallly are going to want something better... but for you it'll be perfect for now... it doesnt have a whammy bar... (the only one of the three i said early that does is the squire)... but a whammy isnt that important...

youll also need good cables, a good strap and picks... the rest is up to you
I reccomend the Dean Vendetta XM with a Crate GTD15R. You can get both of these for $200