I'm always looking on craigslist and ebay for good guitar deals. One thing over the past year or so that i've noticed is a ton of gibsons that have headstock/neck cracks.

I've never found a single stratocaster with a broken headstock, but dozens of gibsons..

Just an observation. Is this a known issue?
Maybe because Gibsons have angled headstocks? If you lean it up against a wall and it slides down, the angled headstock makes it more likely to break. Ir happened to an Epiphone Flying V I used to own.
Maybe because Fender necks can be replaced more easily?
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Like kyrreca said, the angle on the headstocks make the break.
Some of the Epiphone & Gibson range have the headstock piece glued to the top of the neck.
When it's dropped, fell over, slid over, ect. it'll land on the headstock before the body, the impact to it just breaks it that way.
They can be easily fixed though depending on the break style.

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Because it takes little skill to buy a replacement Fender neck and whack it on to replace the broken one. Costs a little cash, but is better than a new guitar.

For the Gibsons/Epis, you'd need to get a luthier to repair a broken neck (or be confident in your own ability to repair it), which, while it might not cost more or even less, requires you to track one down and get them to do it, taking more time.

A lot of people won't take the effort to do that, will sell it on to someone who knows a bargain when they see it, and buy a new guitar.
When a gibson with angled headstock falls the first thing to hit is usually the top edge of the headstock. Theres alot of stress on that thin spot where the neck and headstock meet from the strings already. And LPs weigh more. A fender falls it lands on the body usually, mine it broke a tuner key off. And a fender neck takes a screwdriver to replace. A gibson takes a trip to the factory as you cant really buy a neck for one or find a good luthier to fix it. And there are alot of people who dont keep guitars in cases or in a stand. They lean em in corners or sit em on a bed, etc.