just want to know a few peoples views on powering pedals, batteries or power supplies? which pedals work best with what?
Ive heard fuzz pedals sound better with batteries true?
also types of batteries etc.
obviously powersupplies/dc bricks etc can be more convienient what types are best etc.
the only reason some people like pedals to be fed by batteries is because of the voltage sag that occurs. They make power supplies with a "voltage sag" feature, which lowers the voltage to somewhere around 7.5 or 8 V, simulating an almost dead battery. I've only heard of people really liking this sound on distortion pedals.
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AC or DC doesn't sound better, because no one knows; pretty much ALL pedals run on DC volts, unless it has a separate power supply and no battery compartment, its most likely AC, though thats normally for your multi function units like the Boss GT-8, Line 6 POD, etc.
that would explain why my metal zone doesn't sound as dirty now that i have it powered through a pedal board. interesting....

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Analogman recommends cheap dollar store (non-alkaline) batteries in his fuzz pedals, and has sound clips up on his site to demonstrate the difference in sound. Very noticeable in those clips.
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(Cheaper) power supplies are usualy noisy, especially if you have many pedals hooked up to it. Batteries also have the added bonus that you don't need a power socket nearby.