The search bar won't work so I'm just gonna post here and if it's wrong please tell and I will move.

Thank you.

Now for the question.

Anyone know a good website that'll ship to the UK for cheap/free and sells PRS SE guitars? Preferably the Custom SE's or any of the others that have humbuckers?

I've already searched gak.co.uk and a few others, but I wanted to know if anyone can recommend any other cheap sites?

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GAK - £438

Thomann - £538

Soundcontrol - £429

Andertons - £399

There are probably some more... I think postage from Andertons is a tenner.

And they are really nice guitars
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Ok first off it has to be under £400, in fact if possible £350, but I know most will be somewhere in between so £400 is the limit.

And I've already been on Music King, they seem to be the cheapest for SE Customs right now.

EDIT: If they could have a Trem that'd be good too, but it's not a must.

Although a lot of their guitars do seem to have the option.
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In fact, would it be better/cheaper to buy one of the other SE's ie a Soapbar, and then like put better pick-ups in it so I have some humbuckers? Or would it just be worth buying an SE Custom or an EGH with the humbuckers already installed?