Carvin and PRS have in my opinion the most beautiful guitars ever made. Everytime I pick up a Carvin I feel like I'm playing furniture that I am not worthy of even touching. That is one gorgeous guitar dude.
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The neck is the most comfortable of any gutiar I've play by far. Stays in tune great with out the locking nut. It's got a ton tone and sustain. I like it allot better then the custom 24 I was playing. And it was only 1700. Half the price
That's a freakin' beautiful guitar man! I was considering getting a Carvin before I bought my strat, but now I REALLY want to get one haha.

Thanks you all Coolest part about it is. It's first guitar I ever had that said made in the USA on it
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Stays in tune Great. I've already had it flat tuned, drop-d, and standard on the same set strings. takes about 20 minutes to change the tuning. and keep the action right
Good lookin' Carvin!
I'm getting myself a Bolt model in Emerald green with a black burst ring round the edge with a quilt top. It'll look awesome, I can't wait to get my hands on it, pity it may be a while, two months or so.
Quite beautiful. I am considering one myself. I am torn between the Carvin and a Les Paul DC. How is the upper-fret access, and how close to a Les Paul does it sound?
Fret access is like a prs, very easy to get to. This is pretty messed up, but I never played a real les paul, only a samic.
How do you find the stock Carvin pickups? I've heard past complaints that they're weak.
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Its got alot of tone though. If you pop the tone nob up it gives you split coils and a strat like tone. The humbuckers have allot more bottom end then I thought it would have.
Oh, cool...so they set it up like the optional PRS switching. I'll tell ya, I prefer that a whole hell of a lot over the 5 way switch. Nice guitar.
Hi, I'm Peter

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^ What amp do you use and what kind of sound are you looking for? If you want to keep some semblance of tone, I wouldn't do that.
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I use a spider 3. I play Anything, and everything. Latly santana type stuff. Yeah I thought that too, but i wanted to work with the pick ups I know how rebuild everything else, and there the only ones i have.
I got them free, I wonder how much I could for them? I want to get a weeping demon
^New amp first. Please?

And that is one sexy guitar. If I were more into humbuckers I would probably be all over one of those.
I own 2 Carvins:

A Contour -

And a DC-400

For the money, Carvins are awesome - the action is sweet. Although the necks are alittle small in width, that is OK with me because I have small hands. The tones out of these instruments are amazing and varied. Why cough up $3k - $4K for a PRS when a Carvin is just as beautiful, plays just as well, and sounds twice as good? I love PRS instruments, but 60% of the price is the name.
Prs Refuse to use floyds to. That was a big part of my dicision. I live 15 minutes from the prs factory Iknew a couple of the people who built guitars there. I just like the Carvins neck, the floyd, the inlays, tuners,and the price better. Thats all
Wow please buy a new amp to compliment such an amazing guitar! You should really fix your FR too! It's sticking so far out of the body!
thats they work on them, If I lower it the floyd would have a serious incline. Its best to leave its resting poistion level with the body. The action is real low anymore and it will fret
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thats they work on them, If I lower it the floyd would have a serious incline. Its best to leave its resting poistion level with the body. The action is real low anymore and it will fret

Oh so it is level with the body? From the pics it looked like it was angled kinda sharp
Yeah, the carved top makes it seem like it's sticking out.

And for pickups, perhaps a Seymour Duncan Custom 5. Alnico 5 pups should give you a ton of output and variety, while keeping the soul of the guitar. One day, I hope to buy one with a Piezo bridge just to go nuts with tone.
^ Personally, I'd go with either PRS pickups or custom handwound. I wouldn't go run-of-the-mill with that guitar.
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