Hey everyone i was thinking about making an album filled with unsigned artists which will be up for free download on a good few sites including here it could help some unsigned artists get some exposer
Everyone who is in a band or a solo artist interested in getting there music heard all over the web comment here il give you an email to send your songs to

Anyone willing to contribute would be great

Thanks Everyone

All Musical Genres Included

Also finally if anyone is interested in doing the albums artwork as i am no artist and im sure some people here will enjoy designing a album cover
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I'm recording an acoustic song for my band Lucky Strike on Friday, so it would be awesome if that one was included on the album!

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I really like this idea, if you want my music, I'd give it a go!
(You can check out some of my songs in my profile).
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You are fantastic and i would like you to open the album (if thats good with you). You know start with something big and pumping

Il P.M you now with what to do

Also i love all your songs so any of them would be great
wouldn't you want to copyright the music first? So someone can't steal the music and call it their own. just a thought.
Yes the music will be copyrighted

And these artists are interested in participating

Also do you want your music in the album?
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hey i'd like to put some music on the album but im not sure which song to put on it though.. is there a limit to how many songs each person can have on it?

Thats great your interested and im willing to put a max of 3 songs per artist but if a lot of people want to participate il eather make it a double discer or take the song limit down but at the moment 3 is the max
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hey I like the idea, show me some of the music you have compiled. I'd love to contribute.

Thanks for the interest its great to have another person interested well atm i only have 1 song up and thats a song from my band its on my profile

P.M me is your interested
I'll have a go.
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yeah, im interested in this
what websites will the album be posted on?
Yeah, go on then. PM me and we'll sort it out.