Yes! its posible! but...the best way to record you own stuff afcourse is with a proffecional microphone!

But, you can also buy a normal audio cable (one with 2 green plugs to plug in your pc) a converter for that one (a bigger plug to go over the small green one) and put that side in ur amp's fx send (as on Marshalls) and the other one in your computer!

Download a program like Audacity or Cubase, and your totally ready to go!

(sorry for my english, im Ducth)

Here are some recordings I did with it!



The sound you hear the zzzzmmmmmzmm is from my amp, not the cable.

Thanks for your time! Jordy Norbart
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im very interested in this... but... eerrmm... i didnt understand all of it... i got lost at "converter"
where you plug the normal headphone type plug into it. the new end will be like an instrument cable end, that goes in the amp
Well, thanks!

Haha, but seriously, it sounds better than one would expect, a damn sight better than when I used to do that. But good luck on recording a high gain track like that.

And that backing track is a disgrace, lol.
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