Hey guys

Just testing the waters, really. What do you guys think of the DeVille 212? The ones on eBay seem to go quite cheaply, and I've heard many many recommendations.

Also, is there much difference between the 2x12 and the 4x10 versions? Or are they different amps and the people on eBay have been inaccurately naming their wares?

Cheers tons, all

The 4x10 is the DeVille and it has about 20 more watts that the Deluxe which is the 2x12.

I like the Blues versions. I think the Hot Rod versions sounds dull. I like the 2x12 better than tyhe 4x10 because because you can crank it higher without blowing your eardrums and I just like the sound of 12" speakers for guitar but it's a personal preferance thing.
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Quote by CorduroyEW
The 4x10 is the DeVille and it has about 20 more watts that the Deluxe which is the 2x12.

There is a 2x12 DeVille. Same 60 Watts too. The Deluxe is a 1x12 40W



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I own a Hot Rod Deville 2x12, and a Hot Rod Deluxe 1x12.

I bought the Deville first, and I love it, but it is extremely loud. I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a practice space or play out a lot. The Deluxe 1x12 has a more reasonable volume.

To answer your question about the difference between the 2x12 and 4x10, they do sound different. Think of a sub-woofer. If you have a 12" speaker, you will get more low end boom and rumble, however a 10" will give you more punch. Now apply that theory to these speaker cabinets, and the 2x12 will have a fuller sounding low end, and the 4x10 will give you tighter mids and low mids.

I like the 2x12, but in a perfect world, I would like a cab with 1x12 and 2x10s and more eq than low, mid, and high, but I don't think anyone makes one.

To really tell the difference between the two, I recommend playing through them at your local guitar shop.