when i use the bass pedal do i keep my heel down at all times or do i kinda just hit the pedal on my toes
errrr......... only pedals I know about are my digitech rack. but my friend does keep his heel down when he uses the double bass pedals
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I hit it on my toes, cos when I keep my heel on the ground, the muscles at the front of my ankle start to strain.
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it hurts my ankle if i keep my heel down, but i do have UK size 14 feet 8)

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i think toes are faster but whatever you are most comfortable with
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This is a guitar website. Am I alone in seeing the irony?

EDIT: Damn you, denizenz!
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This is a guitar website. Am I alone in seeing the irony?

EDIT: Damn you, denizenz!

u know ppl can play more than one instrument. and i keep my heel down if it's a slow tempo, but when it picks up i'm on my toes
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i use my toes
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