Which should I get, the Boss Metal Core or the Boss Metal Zone? They are about the same price, and I'm a death metal/thrash metal freak so I would need to get some really heavy sounds...
I dont know why all you guys bash the Metal zone. Its sick!
Metal core has more mids an ****, the metal zone is pure thrash

Boss MT-2 > Boss ML-2
The Metal Zone is geared toward a thrash and 80's metal sound (doesn't mean it does it well), and the Metal Core is pretty much a newer version of the old Boss HM-3 Heavy Metal pedal. Is has more bottom end than the Metal Zone.
metal zone is alot better then the ml-2(i think), cause you control the mid and the mid frq(how high it cuts the mids) plus it has more distortion, and looks cooler (orange on charcoal grey looks better then black on silver)
really it depends what style you play... i have tried both of them

i think the metalcore is better for palm muting and low deep sounds

then the death metal is better with tapping harmonics...etc

really though id try out the metal muff
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Neither, Metal Muff > Both of the above.


Metal Muff owns any other distortion pedal's ass.
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Metal Muff owns any other distortion pedal's ass.

There are plenty of distortion pedals that are much better than the Metal Muff. Plus, they don't sound as thin and weak as the Metal Muff.
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Metal Muff owns any other distortion pedal's ass.

Crunchbox owns the MM an infinity amount of times. it's about 10-20 bucks more. Handmade to order.
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