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I’ll listen to the oceans roar
I’ll wait until it sings no more
And when you’re silent I will start to play

When I’m done I’ll walk down
To the bottom of the ocean floor
Explore until my lung explode

When they find me will you let them know
I want to be made into ashes
And scattered across the prairie
Were the foxes roam

I want you to forget my face
I want you to forget my name
I don’t want you to dwell on me for more then 3 days baby

You need to move on quickly
Make your new man happy
He doesn’t want to hear about me
I’m not that interesting

You can’t forget my face
You can’t forget my face
I made a lifetime problem
And I like it that way

You won’t forget about me
You can’t forget about me

I was a disease that infected you
I was a plague that wrecked you
Left the cure in my pocket
They burned it with my body
I can’t help but laugh
I can’t stop laughing
You can’t stop crying
Well that’s just to bad darling
That’s just to bad darling

When little words
become enormous phrases
a special effect
occurs on a number of screenings
and large stages.

Which color could possibly match this simplicity?
Maybe this pocket full of dimes
to which I have been dying
to give new meaning.

That's when the heat started
well below my knees.

"Chuck, the curtains please...
And now for my opening scene
reminiscent of melanoma,
soon a location
of endless digging and bleeding."

Which shape could possibly match this complexity?
Maybe the dent on my new cars' door
which I hope doesn't need
a large amount of explaining.

That's when the heat rose
to just below my sleeves.

"Chuck, the props please.
And now for my rising action...
reminiscent of a shadow being cast
over every child's closet door and ceiling."

Which texture could possibly match this intricacy?
Maybe a lightly scented candle
that gives an aroma of an entire landscape.

That's when the heat rose
to where my face was once peeling.

"Chuck, the lights please.
And now for my grand finale...
reminiscent of a mushroom cloud
where tickets and seating will always be available
for first hand viewing and participation
and no limit per household.

Which kind of fear could possibly match this amount of intensity?
maybe the possibility that little phrases
could actually someday become enormous words.

And that's when the heat rose
just above my upstretched fingertips.

"Chuck, the curtains please."
Fender is King

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