I recently ordered a set of texas special pickup clones for my strat (handwound by local guy). Anyways, it's going to be a few days before I get them in, and I was wondering if anyone here on UG has had any experience with them. And, what is their general tone? People on harmony central keep mixing me up when it comes to what they sound like. I do know they have a bit more midrange than standard strat pups, but what about their treble and bass?

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Dude...you're going to love them. I have a Texas special bridge pickup in my tele, and it's really ballsy, dynamic, bright; eveything considered it's the shiznit bro. The whole sound spectrum's covered. I have overwound gfs alnico pickups in my strat which are reasonably close to the fender texas special pu's and I've got no complaint's there either. If you're going from regular vintage type pu's they're going to give you more bite, but still retain the same qualities of the lower output single coils. Same animal just more dynamic and a little hotter. You'll have more range with your vol knob now as well.

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