Okay, if you're not an Avenged Sevenfold fan, don't worry about this. I just want the fans opinions. Which is better, City of Evil or Waking the Fallen?

City of Evil:

Well, City of Evil has the best guitar riffs, no doubt. Afterall, you can't beat the solos to Beast and the Harlot, M.I.A., and not to mention Sieze the Day...Waking The Fallen doesn't even come close. However, the lyrics are alittle sloppy. To me, it sounds like they just threw things together and were more concered with the instrumentals. I mean, Bat Country is about drugs, Beast and the Harlot is just quoting Revalations, and whats with Blinded in Chains? For me, what says the most about a band is songwriting....and City of Evil just doesn't say that to me.

Waking The Fallen:

Lyrics are amazing. You can feel the compassion put into the lyrics of this album, I mean, "I know it's hurting you, but it's KILLING ME!" (Unholy Confessions; Track two)
I love that line. It was a definate improvement over Sounding the Seventh Trumpet. However, not feeling the instrumentals as much as City of Evil. I play lead, so palm muting an entire song is not my style. For example, Waking The Fallen(Track One), thats one chord muted the whole time. Now, all the songs have amazing riffs, but there is a lack of solos, only 7 out of 12 songs compared to City of Evil's neverending solos. Lyrics are great, intrumentals are limited.

Now, personally, I love Waking The Fallen more. Like I said, songwritting says more to me, so thats my pick. Waking the Fallen helped me through a lot of stuff, so it has my vote. What's yours?
personally i think M.Shadows sucks at screaming waking the fallen the lyrics might have been better but they still sounded like crap the way he belted them out, but i dont like it when he gets too soft either like seize the day

in my opinion city of evil is their best cd by leaps and bounds the new self titled cd isnt that good and the old screaming cds dont sound that great either
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a city of evil>waking the fallen

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city of evil but i love them both

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