Well it's that time of year again, and I have a max of 450 pounds to spend on a new guitar for christmas. I play mostly metal and hard rock. I came across this guitar whilst scrolling through GAK:


Is this a good guitar to go with? Or are there any other better guitars in the price range (without a floating tremolo, I already have a guitar with one, and it's way too much hassle!)

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450 pounds?? wtf's a pound?

English pounds :p

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Hardtail Jackson DKMG, far better than that Dean imo

Could you tell me why you think it's better? What's better about it? And I'm not that great a fan of active pickups
^ The DKMGT is Japanese made which means you're most likely to come across a well made DKMGT as opposed to a shoddy one. The quality of craftmanship is pretty high. On the other hand, I am not sure about the Dean.... although I suspect that model is made in Korea. Just a hunch. Aso, if you don't like actives, I suppose you could sell the EMG's to replace them with some passives, but that would be alot of work.

Check out:

- Ibanez SZ520FM
-Washburn X50PRO (Has Duncan's already equipped!)