just keep a buyers beware in your mind...and remember if it's blem then that means someone else had it and returned for some reason
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Shredhead's advice is the best in the thread.

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I would do it. If you think it was too bad, you can always send it back. I trust that site lots, it's where I got my first guitar. Just go for it.

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yeah. i wouldnt buy blem, id get one that works for sure *cough look at my sig cough*
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^Blem means that it has a physical defect and that it still plays fine.

It should be fine, just with some scratches or something small and relatively unnoticeable. I would make sure you still have the full return policy and everything in case it's really bad for some reason.
MF takes a lot of crap back for pretty much any reason, so don't have any fear of being stuck with it. Also, any guitar that's sent back and resold is gonna receive some quality attention to make sure it's still playable and sellable.
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yea.. most B stock i've seen around in music stores, has a few dings in em.. but most of the time its unnoticeable.

there was a rack of b-stocks and the store ownder had to show me where the nicks and scratches were.
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