anyone got any ideas on what i could listen to in order to get some inspiration on writing some lyrics for a simple chilled out funk song?
Love, and love making, always works. Think Prince and try to come up with the most elaborate euphemism for sex.
Funk subjects: Sex, doin it, sweet sweet love makin, fried chicken, gettin it on, gravy, yeah! (said very slowly, the slower, the funkier, think yeaaaaaaah...), love bubble, molassas, makin babies, The Night Ranger, Dr Love, Mr. Midnight, watermelons, **** stick, sex rod, butter....

bascially, anything that has to do with coitus (but not using the word "coitus" very un-funky) and anything that has to do with food, the messier the food, the funkier the song.
Feelin good. Often outrageous stories. Fun things. Just out there sometimes sporadic lyrics

think kind of soulful/bluesy/jazzy grooving lines a lot of time about funk itself and having a good time


Listen to George Clinton/Parliment/Funkadelic and get a feel for what funk's all about
Anatomy Anatomy
Whale Blue Review

Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me
To quote my drumline instructor: "To be in a funk band, you either have to write about sex, pot or playing funk music."