Okay, I have narrowed the guitars down.

Yamaha Pacifica 112

Squier Affinity Series Fat Strat Electric Guitar

Dean Vendetta XM Electric Guitar

Squier FSR Affinity Detonator Electric Guitar With Kill Switch

I want to play all-around songs ranging from heavy-metal to alternatives like "rock you like a hurricane" and "hit me with your best shot". So I don't want a guitar that only plays heavy metal etc.

I'm a complete begainer, so which guitar should I get or do I recommend a better one?

(this will be paired up with a micro-cube).

Also, what more do I need? Tuner and what-else?
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The Yamaha you can get alot of versatility with that. You might not understand this but that guitar has different types on pickups so it has alot more versatity you can play almost anything you want from SRV to Sabbath to Zeppelin to Mettalica to The Scorpions. Anything you want that is by far your best choice it also has alot better qualtity than the rest of those listed yamaha has higher quality and fells better go for the yamaha.
squiers suck get the dean
squiers are horrible they fall apart really easily, sound bad, and pplay horribly
i despise them with every fiber of my being
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Due to past experience of playing squiers, i would not recommend that you get one. They are annoyingly made, and their tone sucks.

I don't know anything about the Dean, so I have no opinion, however, it looks good.

In my opinion, go with the Yamaha. One of my friends has one, and I really like the feel of it, its like a strat body, but the neck is different (thank god). It has a great tone, although I don't know how it will be with your amp.

As for stuff you need, tuners are nice, I got one, but make sure you also learn how to tune by hand, and by ear, because you shouldn't rely on one forever. Obviously you need picks, and an extra set of strings is always helpful. For strings, I recommend D'Addario .10s, but whatever works for you. Don't forget to buy an amp cable too.Thats all the basic stuff you would need really, don't worry about the effects, those can come later. Maybe a book of chords or scales, but you can find those online usually. Still, some people prefer to have them in book form.

Hope that helps!
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Let have a look at one review on GC for the Pacifica..

absolute junk
i bought this guitar from somebody saying how versatile it was. they were completely wrong. it is a decent guitar for beginners, and is better suited for jazz, rock, and blues. the pick-ups are not that great, and they cover broke off of mine. the humbucker sounds pretty bad too, it gives off a lot of noise the louder the amp gets. i'd rather get a cheap jackson, or ibanez than get this guitar. i even have the 312 version of this. the tuners are junk too, and so is the tremelo. this thing sucks at holding tune, especially when using heavier gauge strings. the fretboard is junk, i hate the frets and how big the neck feels.

Reviewed by pucas0010123 on 1/10/2007 who plays hardcore, grind, death metal, indie.

There. I'm with that as well, because we have the exact same guitar when i was at school and it was OK, but it didnt compare to my SG really.. I know that have top range pacficas but this isnt one of them. Squiers make ****ty guitars mainly, but they do have some very decent guitars, I'm sure all the bad experiences are with a bullet.