Yup, so I'm in this punk-ska band. Realizing I cant live forever borrowing my friends amps, I need something to step up my MG50 which shouldn't be hard at all. I need a good twangy clean sound (Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, The Toasters) and an amp that can deliver grindy punk distortion with the help of my pedals (Digitech Hot Rod, Ibanez Screamer). I'm trying my hardest not to "break the bank" so anything under 800 USD or so is amazing. Tubes are great also, but I realize the sometimes come at a price.

I come to you my fellow UGers. Please lead me in the right direction!

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Traynor YCV40 has great cleans, and a great OD for ska, I use it my self fot that. I'll post a clip if I can.
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From what i heard about those, the YCV40 sounds spot on.

A classic 30 may do you well too.
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I saw one of the guys from Streetlight using a Carvin (looked like one of the MTS heads), and I'm pretty sure Aaron from RBF uses Marshalls. You could always look into a JCM900. You can find them for like $600 on ebay.