“I am fascinated by what you have to say
when you say “lissen up” an you give it all
this mouth an all the swagger; you’re talkin
from your hips and bandylegs an you’re
sparking like an electric chair. When I felt

black I was being cuffed up in the playground
and I was being footballed in the crotch.
I’m thinking it was kinda shitty for us both.
You had your black skin and well me
I got this mop a damn orange hair. Like

you said maybe I’m black too. They said
they’d “kick me ta shit” for it. I’m grown up
now and I’ve got a job and owe money and
a loveless marriage and a cat and two point
four kids but the old anger bubbles me up

like when you called yours to arms back in the
seventies. I can see the headlines now; I
can see sixty five thousand russet haired
warriors so I guess what I’m asking you
real nice and that is “can I be black too?””
"You can never quarantine the past."
learn how to spell "listen"
I am the last Samaurai

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Learn when someone is using non-standard english on purpose.
"You can never quarantine the past."
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learn how to spell "listen"

Dude, Broken_bottles used that because as you see (I hope) it's in quotes, therefore suggesting that said speaker who said this pronounces it as "lissen". Adds to the effect of the work.
Pretty nice number.

I think the "hips" imagery has been done to death. And the formatting could use some work. Sort of sloppy.

You have some interesting choices of verbs, like "footballed," which is something I try to do - Use ridiculous words as descriptive phrases.
Poor advice.