Stabbed Me (In The Back) is a rock/pop Track I just recently finished

Would be great if you guys would go check it out.. everything is me..
Gtar, Drums, Bass, Vocals, Producing, Mixing and mastering..

This is my first completed Vocal Track and I would love to get some feedback on it, since I am not used to mix newly recorded Vocals

Also The Vocals will probally be re-recorded with a better Mic and better time..

Thank you
!*! NEW TRACK !*!


David Wellendorf

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I must say, I found the song very well done.

Personally I have a few things that I would change, so.... I'll tell you, hah!

1. Intro, I feel the drum thing (not exactly sure what it is? Possible drummer banging two sticks together in the usual cliche' count-in?) goes on just a tad two long, I would stick with the normal four bangs, one measure, and then start in with the guitar, maybe do a something feedback related with the guitar over the count-in.

2. I really enjoy your voice, and the lyrics up until 'I guess its alright' part. I feel you don't put forth the right emotion for it, maybe a kind of incoherently screaming the lyrics in a style reminiscent of Cobain, would fit better in my opinion?

3. The falsetto singing part, singing really high, doesn't seem to fit in as well, or maybe same as with the emotion of singing, I might do more of a pitiful crying thing? Not sure how to describe it but...

4. For the back up vocals I would double the track you have, if you have one, I'm not really fond of the changing in pitch on them as well, and delay one very slightly and pan them a little wider maybe like a 7-10 in the mix and it might sound a bit fuller?

Well overall I am really impressed with the quality you got in this recording, and same with the composition of the song. Keep jamming, sounds great.

& Don't Panic, K?

I really like the song, I agree it would sound better some grungier sounding vocals maybe a bit more like emotion in the song, push the voice. I don't really like the high part but I think it might sound better with a nasally sound kind of like Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins. Again though I really like it.
i reckon its absolutely ****ing awesome dudE!

but, i know everyones a critic, a lil heavier with the guitar, maybe its just cause im a metal head but i reckon it would sound a tad better with more distortion!! and as the other dude said less time of the stick banging otherwise very nicely done dude