Yo i just bought a 32" philips lcd for my room.
I run xbox 360 off it in the HDTV input righhht.

And it doesnt come up as great as i thought it would.

I got it running at 1080i (which is what the tv takes) and the video from the xbox comes up not as sharp as i thought. Ie anti- aliasing isnt great, and should be picture purrrrfect.

help? it has 2 hdmi imput in the back of it, should i go buy an hdmi input and ir through that? or just chill with what i got?

Its not like REALLY bad, but im real picky with games looking awesome.

go buy some HDMI cables they are supposed to be "the best" we switched over to them after my dad wanting a better picture and they worked
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I've got a 32" Insignia (best buy brand) LCD tv and I run my Xbox in through component at 720p and it looks gorgeous. You sure you've got the back switched to HDTV?
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Quote by grunger
yeah definatly. ill try it at 720p thanks man.

Yeah, at 32" your tv might have a max resolution of 720p. So if you set it to 1080p and your max resolution is 720p a lot of times it'll just show up in non-HD.
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