I just installed a new graphics card I got giving me a DVI monitor port so i swapped out the old VGA cord and put the DVI cord in place.
I was expecting a huge difference but I just dont see any change at all.

The card is an Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT if that helps any.

So, whats the difference between these two cords?

the thicker DVI cord just is making my computer stick out 3 more inches which is annoying...
difference between your screen now and before? i have the same card and i can tell a big difference between games i play, even pictures if they're high res. i think that its not so much the dvi as opposed to your actual card that makes the difference.
DVI is digital, VGA is analog. So, technically, there could be loss of signal that is difficult to reconstruct at the destination with a VGA cable. You'll also tend to get better color definition with the digital cable. You'll _probably_ also get better refresh speeds with the digital cable.

I knew that EE degree would be good for something...

This just occurred to me, if you can't see the difference between the two cables, then just go with the more convenient one.
i think ill just notch out a spot in the desk...its not doing much anyways but getting in the way of my connections.

I did notice a nice speed boost and graphics boost when i installed the card but not much when i swapped out the cables...
I have not really looked at the high res. images though...

I think I'll play some FEAR and Flight Sim X now and see how that works out.