I'm looking into perhaps getting one of these for Christmas, either that or a Fender BJ. But anyway, my question is:

Besides looking cooler, is there any real difference in the tweed and the blackish Classic 30? Perhaps different controls? Or does one sound better than the other? Different speaker? Anything?

If not, then cool.
Peavey injects more mojo into the tweed ones , but other than that they are identical.
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They ran out of tweeds so I got a black Classic amp.

Anywho tweed is cooler IMO, but overall they should be the same. Just look different...
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they are exactly the same. i prefer the black because i dont like peavey's tweed color. it didnt quite look right to me when i was going to buy it, so i went with black. other than color, there is no difference though.
The tweed ones are totally hott.
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i got mine in black cause i didn't have tweed as a choice since i wanted to save $400 by getting the black as a floor model discount hahaha
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They're identical, except that the tweed is better.
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