Hey everyone, I'm doing an english project on a book we have to read which involves alot of family violence. Anyone have any good songs that talk about this kind of stuff?
One Love, Enjoy Every Minute
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Face Down - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

that's all I can think of

Yeah that would be perfect.
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Family Reunion by Blink 182

A+ for sure


Voices by Saosin, that's exactly what the song is about so it's perfect.
So the air's getting colder
and the news keeps us scared.

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Family Tree- Megadeth

It would probably be your best choice. It's not just about violence, but family abuse in general.
Everything Evil - Coheed and Cambria. One verse is about smashing your daughter's skull in with a hammer. If thats not family violence, shoot me where i stand.
Floyd the barber-Nirvana

I swear to god your teachers will be like "What...the...****?..."
The Pit. The Movie.
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Family Reunion by Blink 182

A+ for sure

On repeat for a couple hours....
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