so i tried to download the latest "driver" for my video card on nVidea.com or whatever, and i downloaded it and installed it, and now all my games are screwed up. like my computer and desktop and internet explorer is working but if i launch a game (warcraft 3, counterstrike and everything else I have) the colors are all screwed up and stuff. BTW they all worked fine before i downloaded that driver thing..

so my question is, is there a way to like.... reset your video card or something?
Hmm; sounds like you may have installed the wrong drivers. Make sure you're downloading appropriate drivers for your specific card.

If that's not the case, try using the CD that came with your card to reinstall the older drivers. You may be able to delete the drivers folder in Safe Mode, but I would do more research before trying that.
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use your system restore thinggy and go back to yesterday (or a time before you installed them)
it could indeed work!
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What brand of NVIDIA are you using? (XFX, BFG, PNY, NVIDIA).

Are you certain that you selected the proper operating system?

I've had trouble with DirectX failing in COD4 and other things due to my drivers being screwed, but never the colours.

You downloaded from the nVIDIA site?
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