I've read a lot of books that supposedly teach you how to poise your right hand for the best picking results in classical music - I've also been an extreme advocate of "if it's comfortable to you, do it that way"...so it's kind of got me wondering if I could be picking better.

I hold my right hand slightly different than just about every classical guitarist I've ever seen play. I kind of use my pinky like a kickstand just below the soundhole and let my ring, middle, and index hang while keeping my thumb in a parallel line to the strings. I don't have fingernails, so that's out - and my ring and pinky are pretty much just sitting around when I play...I only use three fingers and I don't know if it's possible to even attempt to play harder songs with only three fingers. I've memorized "Moonlight Sonata", "Las Abejas", most of "Marley's Ghost" and I've learned 36 bars of BWV 1006...so I don't even see the point of trying to correct it anymore...I just feel like I'm doing it wrong and it will cost me when I want to play something really challenging.

I guess I'm just trying to figure out how other people poise their right hand when playing (or left if you're left-handed). Does anyone else play it this way...or or do you use the other style (pictured below)? How many fingers do you use?

...and sorry about the wall o' text.

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Meh, I can't see the wrist angle from that photo.

Anyway, onto your question, DO NOT anchor your pinky on the body. That's a huge nono. The rest of your description wasn't very clear, maybe a photo of your own position might help to see.

I'll edit in a video with a position similar to mine in a bit.
no anchoring and learn to use your ring finger as well (out of all i've played i've yet to use my pinky) but i'm sure there are some difficult pieces where you need to use it.

The way i have my wrist positioned is, well i use a footstool so the guitar is at a high angle which makes my wrist angle more straight so that my fingers are perpendicular to the strings. my wrist is slightly angled to the right
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