Sup guys... i have an issue with my nails...i know there have been multiple threads recently but this is different issue. My nails look like nubs...theres like no excess nail from the skin...this is because when i get nervouse i tend to bite my nails and not realize...i really wanted some nails so i could branch out into different styles of picking...anyone have any idea maybe how i could get them to grow quickly...or any thing i can do to try to stop biting them lol

thanks guys
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any ideas would be apreciated
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I sucked on my mom's nipples
Well there's a certain bitter "cream" you can put on your fingers so that whenever you try to bite your teeth , the taste will prevent you from doing it.

Just ask for something like that in some medicine store.
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eat alot of protein.. that will make them grow faster.. then just have so freakins self control and stop biteing them lol... or just relax and stop getting so uptight and nervous lol... start a different habbit if you cant stop biteing your nails... try bouncing you leg up and down as fast as you can.. thats what i do lol
two things you need to do for fast strong growing nails

(1) stop biting them!! LOL. like E_M. said. you can get something that tastes bitter to prevent you from doing it. Maybe spray bitter apple on your nails.. I use it to prevent my dogs from biting the furniture !!!!!

(2) Most people will think this is expensive: buy something called :Nailtique. It is a nutrient coat for your nails. Looks like nail polish. in a small white box container in the nail polish section at most drugstores. I swear this thing will strengthen your nails in a week and make them grow fast!!. There is no shine or color so guys can wear it too.
i heard there is some kind of supplement or something that can make your nails grow faster, i also suggest maybe putting that "no bite" stuff on your nails it tastes like vinegar and its horrible haha, my dad uses that stuff
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alright thanks guys for the suggestions...ill head over to walgreens tonight to see if i can get some bad tasting stuff...about stopping..it seems impossible i try and try and try its just hard
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I sucked on my mom's nipples