hey everybody, I've been thinking for a while that I want to try and buy a Mazda mx-6, I live in Australia so most of the mx-6's here are the E-spec (Australian version made in japan) unlike most of the american ones which were built along side the ford probe.

Anyway what I was wondering was if anyone here has had any good/bad experiences with them and whats some of the good/bad things you've read or heard.

So far the only bad thing Ive come across is that they aren't great on petrol, not terrible but not all that good as they're a 2.5 litre v6 and that the 4 wheel steering can have problems but I most likely will not get one with 4WS.

also maybe some other similar type cars ( 2 door, sports car )

thanks heaps
lol wrong place to ask if you're looking for serious answers
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honda S2000!!! i love it...

but the Mx6 is a great choice... ill prefer it rear wheel drive...its more fun to drive

edit: the s2000 engine is incredible... but if you want AWD... id say... subaru WRX... the obvious choice
four wheel steering wtf?
look at horsepower
front or rear drive (less torque for front)
and how easy parts are to find.
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but if you want AWD... id say... subaru WRX... the obvious choice

wrx is the best
oh **** yeah forgot to talk about price haha, umm yeah I would like a RWD but I'm not really bothered, cause If I just want a RWD my choices will be limited, as for price probably around $6000 AUS remember cars are genuinely expensive here.

And yes some of the mx-6's have 4 wheel steering for better turning circle and parking, many cars have it like the preludes, 300zx had it I think.
my friend got a POS mx6 for 900 bucks. paint was all gone and has high miles. let me tell you, for the condition it was it, it handled like a dream. fun to drive. plus it has a nice exhauset with with upsweep muffle and sounded nice as hell but not like a ricer. it looked like one though, the car was so crappy looking. but definatley nice cars to drive.
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oh awsome, yeah thats what I've been wondering about the handling cause I know the probes don't handle all that well and they're similar, as for sound, I love the sound, some of the vids Ive seen on youtube are so nice.

you've gotta remember there much cheaper in america.
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You can buy a used one for about, $12,000, but you would have to do a lot of work to it, but thats the point. While you're at it, you could fine tune some stuff while you're there. Get bigger pistons, i wouldn't recommend alluminum (obviously or not so obviously) as they'll most likely wear down faster than cast iron. Sure they're lighter, but the durability isn't all the great.

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