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11 17%
9 14%
Line 6
5 8%
4 6%
0 0%
6 9%
3 5%
4 6%
22 34%
Voters: 64.
What is you favourite make of amp

EDIT: do you prefer tube amps or solid state?
tubes are louder but more expensive and less reliable and solid state are more reliable but quieter and cheaper
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Marshall are only worth the £$£$ if you can spend alot. MG series? Honestly poor, Frontman showers all over them. AVT? Souped up MGs.

TSL/DSL Combos? Muddy, not high gain, cleans poor compared to others in the same price range. Doesn't appreciate pedals.
Kustom. meh the might not be the best, but i haven't played one i didnt' like.
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High end Marshall for me. not that I could afford one, but they do have the best sound IMO
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High end Marshall for me. not that I could afford one, but they do have the best sound IMO

Anything other than high end, though. Better options available for any style.
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Fender. I have yet to play a tube amp that I actually enjoyed.

Wait, what?
Bad list, you forgot some really major ones like
Even though I have a Marshall, i'm simply saying Mesa/Boogie. The rolls royce of amps.
Line 6 Spider III


No really the 59 Fender Bassman
or EVH 5150 III
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Marshall overall but I do love my little practice amp roland micro cube, for a little amp it's got so much stuff on it.
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Marshall FOR THE WIN!

And MG series aren't that bad, people don't even bother using like the BOSS ME50s on 'em, they make them sounds like a angel...

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Mesa or Framus, NEITHER are on the list
Endorsed by Framus Amps

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i guess it all depends on what kind of tone you are looking for. i prefer Fender's.

especially Super Reverbs, Twin Reverbs, and Vibroverbs
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The Hiwatt Custom 100 all tube amplifier. It has been a staple in the greatest tone ever with Pink Floyd, and David Gilmour has also used it on most if not all his solo albums.
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ashton - i love my amp.

it's a 100w all valve
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tubes are louder but more expensive and less reliable

Not true

I vote Splawn.
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Mesa or Orange, and ive been through a lot of amps in my time, many years of playing live and touring. Im really glad to see neither of them are represented in this well thought out poll!
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