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well, i went for my guitar lesson, in my teachers house.
his usual gear is his awsome Fender Blues Deluxe tube amp, his homemade TS808, marshall OD(blues something.....cant remember the name), and other cool effects.

when i went there the other day i noticed he bought a DD-6, and borrowed his friends EHX DMM memory man.
in mine and his opinion, the DMM is a good pedal, but cannot compare(delay wise) to the DD-6.there are way more features for the delay,( like recording yourself, which i liked very much herher...) and in an affordable price, much less than the DMM.

what do you think? like i said, i have tried them both, and the dd-6 was my choice, and ima gonna buy me one when ill have a few bucks.

I would like to hear your opinion to!
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Meh, Iv listened and tried the DD6, my friend owns one, I own the DMM...You can see where im going with this.

Its different horses for different courses. I prefer the warmer analogue sound which the DD6 does not deliver, its a much more digital sound, which in the case of delay, isnt necessarily a bad thing, its just not what everyone wants.

Analogue delay - warmer, less 'sterile', loses abit of top-end as it delays so it isnt an exact replica of the dry signal.

Digital delay - more precise, replicates the exact same signal as what you play (doesnt lose the top end like analogue seems to do), more features.
have you checked out the line 6 DL4? one of the best pedals, ever
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I used to have the DD6, was a good delay, but the DMM is about 60 leages above it, such an amazing sounding delay.
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I've owned both and I prefer the DMM a lot more. I prefer the warmer sound from the DMM and like the simplicity of it. I thought I needed loads of features when I bought the DD6, but I ended up only wanting to use one delay sound and the DD6 just didn't sound good enough for my liking. I tried the DMM against the Line 6 DL4 in a guitar shop and decided to buy the EHX pedal because I just wouldn't make use of the features in the DL4. The DL4 is a fantastic pedal though, kicks the crap out of the DD6 in terms of sound and features, and is only slightly more digital sounding than the DMM.

I hear good things about the Line 6 Echo Park, if it's anything like the DL4 it should be great.

I'm happy with my DMM, it does my kind of delay well and I can make it oscillate and make mental noises, and that'll all I want from a delay pedal.

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