Hey guys!

I was searching for music programs! But I found nothing!
Do you have suggestions of programs of this kind?

Like, for playing music, or making music, or what?
The term music program is pretty general.
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if ure looking for something to write music i would advice guitar pro..
for recording stuff i wouldnt know..
I need a program with ritms! Someone know do it?
I want record, and after add ritms.

See ya!
Audacity if free and pretty decent for recording, so is cubase but you need to pay.

Also, is it just me but what in the blue moon are 'ritms'? ive never heard of this in my puff!
might wanna 1) be more specific about what kind of music program you need and 2) take this to riffs and recording. this forum is more for music theory and discussions about music theory related ideas and questions. don't be surprised if this gets closed out. peace!
If you want to make rythm, check out Beatcraft!

Also check out Mixcraft. Sort of a Garageband copy for Windows. Not better than Garageband, but it works!
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Drumz - EZDRUMMER and it's DRUMS FROM HELL set - the BEST drum software on earth - EVER! Plays your midi files and has TONS of loops.
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Hope this helps, I really tried A LOT of software, including Beatcraft, as suggested by many. But for instance I find beatcraft limited, as I use quintuplets, septuplets(did I spell good?) and similar odd note groupings...and that's not suppeorted by 90% of drum software.

I have tried a lot of guitar amp emulators, and there is just a BIIG class difference between GuitarRig and Amplitube's class and the others.
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