I have sweaty hands, and my pick usually slips out of position and occasionally fall. I tried gator grips, but my sweat eats the powder like a black man eats fried chicken. I haven't tried cutting grooves because my knife just broke . ATM I'm using 3M medical tape on it. However, it makes my hands sticky and makes them smell like old woman / a pharmacy.

What do you guys use? Any suggestions?
I had that problem until I changed picks, try some dunlop jazz picks, their amazing.
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Dunlop Jazz Picks are even worse when your hands get sweaty. I think someone at Guitar Center told me to take some sand paper and sand down the pick, or he was talking about something else, or maybe I'm making this up. I don't know. I'm tired.
Gorilla Snot.
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dunlop picks are great.. try those

btw dont try all that crazy stuff lol.. if the picks are good u dont need to lose time trying useless stuff out
^ Yes. What he said. It works, strangely enough.

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Can't find any Jazz III's where I live I'm using Paul Gilbert's picks ATM (red one). What's gorilla snot?
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