Hey, I'm making a compilation of blues songs in the key of G, to play along with my blues harp. Do you know some? Preferred artists: BB King, Albert King, Yardbirds, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, SRV, Chuck Berry
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sweet home chicago is Em... same notes
I dont need no doctor - scofield
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For practicing harp, I usually play along with backing tracks (www.guitarbt.net). They have quite a few blues jams in G and lots of other keys too. Good luck
Blues in G - BB King
cant get anymore obvious than that
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Okay, too late; I made the compilation:

1) Louise - The Yardbirds
2) I'm a man - The Yardbirds
3) Five long years - The Yardbirds
4) Got love if you want it - The Yardbirds
5) I ain't got you - The Yardbirds
6) I wish you would - The Yardbirds
7) You can't judge a book by looking at the cover - The Yardbirds
8) Baby please don't go - Muddy Waters
9) Mad love (I want you to love me) - Muddy Waters
10) School days - Chuck Berry
11) Reelin' and rockin' - Chuck Berry
12) Wee wee hours - Chuck Berry
13) The little red rooster - Howlin' wolf
14) Oh, pretty woman - Albert King
15) Reconsider baby - Eric Clapton
16) Rollin' and tumblin' (unplugged) - Eric Clapton
17) Have you ever loved a woman - Derek & The Dominos
18) Love in vain - Robert Johnson
19) When you got a good friend - Robert Johnson
Oh, well if you're so into SRV Texas Flood is an obvious choice...

And that list looks mighty fine indeed. I was stunned the first time I heard Baby please don't go by Muddy Waters, it's so raw and simple...
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Oh, well if you're so into SRV Texas Flood is an obvious choice...

It's in Gb though as he was tuned down 1/2 a step.
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